Pathway to a Resilient Future for Dorset

Pathway to a Resilient Future for Dorset

We started work in Dorset in early 2014, initially commissioned by the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Bournemouth University and Mouchel to establish whether the Ecological Sequestration Trust’s approach could support their work in delivering growth through business enterprise whilst safeguarding the environment.

A formal independent Collaboratory, a cross-sector Steering Board, was quickly established with representation from key local government and public sector agencies, private sector and civil society organisations to progress the sustainability agenda across the county.


Increasing Dorset’s Economic-Social-Ecological Value – report of the three-month feasibility study and workshop supported by the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, Local Nature Partnership, Mouchel and Bournemouth University.

This study investigated whether The Ecological Sequestration Trust’s platform could be a feasible solution to deliver resilient and sustainable development planning and investment decision-making in Dorset.


Pathway to a Resilient Future for Dorset – 19th June 2014 – Workshop Summary


How can build value into city regions – Animated short film

Booklet – a short booklet explaining the platform and its benefits Platform Report – this 35-page report introduces the platform, a decision-support tool for planning, investment and policy-making.