Finding the pathway to a resilient future for the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA)

We have been working in Ghana as part of the Future Cities Africa Initiative launched in early 2015, supported by the UK Government’s Department for International Development. The Initiative supports African cities to anticipate and minimise future challenges in terms of climate, environment and natural resources, giving them the tools they need to undertake better planned, more participatory urban development.

Earlier this summer the team made a significant breakthrough in our mission and debuted the prototype in Ghana.  Focussed on Water and Sanitation initially and demonstrated through 3 specific use cases, the prototype models the resource flows through the Greater Accra area with innovative process models and simulates the population using an Agent Based Model.  15 people from Government, business and academia have had training in the prototype and now have installed on their machines.

This is a real breakthrough and allows users to investigate the best strategies to achieve 100% access to clean water and sanitation throughout Greater Accra.  Our work received some fantastic plaudits from the deputy minister for local government and the deputy mayor is an investment that will yield for generation over generation”, “it is a great thing for Accra, for Ghana and I believe that it will be a great thing for Africa”.  We are hugely grateful to the whole team for their efforts in getting us to this stage and for the fantastic collaboration with colleagues in Ghana.

We are now looking to consolidate this work and to establish an investment fund that uses evidence from to support new water and sanitation projects in Greater Accra.  For more information see this short video – the story so far..

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