URGED Project - Stirling city-region demonstrator

URGED Project – Stirling city-region demonstrator

We are pleased to announce the start of a new resilience.io project co-funded by the European Space Agency and in partnership with Rezatec, the leading satellite geo-analytics company.  The objective will be to bring innovative Earth Observation data to support city-region resilience planning through resilience.io.

This development will be tested with a partnership in the Stirling Local Authority area which includes the Forth river catchment, Stirling city itself as well as upland forestry and agricultural land. The partnership includes the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and University of Stirling.

URGED addresses an increasing global requirement for the provision of better predictive decision support tools for urban infrastructure managers, utilities and town/city authorities to enable cities to become more resilient to environmental and social threats. These Earth Observation (EO) derived Data Products, analytics and monitoring tools identify where there is the likely high risk of subsidence and flood risk via online, interactive maps, to improve infrastructure planning and management and reduce operational costs.  Connected to the integrated systems modelling of resilience.io provides for a powerful decision support tool for city-region planning and investment for greater resilience.

The project aims to have a profound contribution to city-regional economic, environmental and human well-being by demonstrating the value of space data in enabling strategic investment and decision making to support more resilient development pathways.

Regular updates on project progress will be posted here and further information can be found on the ESA website.  https://artes-apps.esa.int/projects/urged

Read how Rezatec are describing our joint project, “enabling cities to become more resilient to environmental and social changes” http://www.rezatec.com/rezatec-enabling-cities-to-become-more-resilient-to-environmental-and-social-changes/