knowledge exchange

We are now calling and managing the Ecological Sequestration Trust Knowledge Exchange Programme as The Resilience Brokers Network.

Current members have continued to be connected with us and involved in this growing joined-up marketplace.

It will enable collaboration between city regions, technological innovators and financial investors, include members in innovative projects, using systems thinking to unlock value and drive sustainable performance in city regions.

Members will also receive a quarterly ‘horizon scan’ email, which will provide insight into collaborative projects through the Network. It will also offer the opportunity to showcase your organisation or project to the Network.

Joining this network could allow your organisation to access new investment opportunities and forward-thinking technological developments which will be instrumental in harnessing sustainability within city regions.

We use a systems-thinking approach to initiate constructive change and include forward-thinking approaches. This cross-collaboration will inspire innovative pathways and drive sustainable development within city regions.

Please help us grow the Resilience Brokers Network by joining here.