Technology Transfer - COP21

Technology Transfer – COP21

Partnering to help implement the Paris Agreement 2016 – 2030

The Ecological Sequestration Trust with ICL and IIER, are building an open-source systems platform for city regions which includes technology process blocks for infrastructure, buildings and industrial plants and models community consumption patterns. This will enable city regions to understand the benefits of new technologies on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving human well-being through adaptation to climate change,  improving resource security and limiting environmental damage. Also it will enable technology providers to create the business models for successful transfer to new city regions through public-private partnerships and enable access to capital.

The Trust are working with the following leading UK technology innovation centers in UK to help them achieve global success through their groundbreaking research efforts for energy positive buildings and sustainable cities:

SPECIFIC Buildings as Power Stations Swansea

Centre for Process Innovation

Imperial College London –

Institute for Integrated Economic Research –