Capacity Building - COP21

Capacity Building – COP21

Partnering to help implement the Paris Agreement 2016 – 2030

The Ecological Sequestration Trust and Future Earth Ltd., are working together to help create a scalable model of capacity building in city regions and human settlements, to enable them to tackle climate change mitigation and adaptation and to deliver the challenging targets for Urban Goal 11 for inclusive, resilient, sustainable cities. The Trust are working with partners UNSDSN Urban Campaign Group, UCLG, UN Habitat, IIHS and the global finance community on the creation of a global fund which can support the critical education and research required , alongside project delivery, to enable the 2030 targets to be achieved. The project delivery platform may be a key part of this roadmap to 2030.Here are links to research and practice of partners on global capacity building .

A meeting will be held at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre in March 2016 for all the partners to create this roadmap to take to Habitat 3.