Silver Access Text Message Service Summer 2017

This service is being provided by The Ecological Sequestration Trust and has been co-created with community groups in Hackney.

We are not charging you anything for this service.

The only potential cost is to send a single text message at the normal network rate. Most plans allow you to send some text messages for free each month and charge no more than a few pence for a message once that quota is used up.

Messages are then sent by us to you at no cost.

The text messages are sent and received through our partner Twilio see separate terms and conditions and privacy policy.

We will send a maximum of 1 text message per week until the end of September 2017 when the service will stop.

We may send you a message asking for your feedback about the service and we may ask your permission to call you for feedback to help us improve it in future.

We will not share you phone number with any third party or use it for any other purpose than to run this service.

We reserve the right to stop the service at any time and without notice.