Benefits and Partners

Adopting an integrated approach to city-region resilience, built upon TEST’s tools and approach, has the following benefits.

TEST aims to be a neutral catalyst and facilitator of cross-sector collaboration and innovation. We are developing a network of international collaboration partners and already have strong links with the following organisations.

  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London. Read more
  • Institute of Integrated Economics Research, Zurich. Read more
  • Institute for Sustainability, London. Read more
  • Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore. Read more
  • African Centre for Cities, Cape Town. Read more
  • International Centre for Earth Simulation Foundation, Geneva. Read more
  • Centre for Process Innovation, Redcar. Read more
  • Tongji University, Shanghai. Read more
  • Chongqing University’s International Centre for low-carbon Green Buildings and Eco-cities.
  • Lund University (soil systems and resource flows).
  • European Forestry Institute. Read more
  • University of Iceland (health and climate).
  • Leeds University (global-regional-national trade flows and modelling).