Prakash, Sanjay

Sanjay Prakash, B. Arch., A.I.I.A., is an architect with a commitment to energy-conscious architecture, eco-friendly design, people’s participation in planning, music and production design.  Over the years, he has integrated all his work with the practice of new urbanism and sustainability in his professional and personal life.

His area of practice and research over the last 32 years includes passive and low energy architecture and planning, hybrid air-conditioning, autonomous energy and water systems, bamboo and earth construction, community-based design of common property, and computer-aided design. Under his guidance, hundreds of persons have developed capabilities in performing design, conceptual or management work in these areas.

He is Principal Consultant of his design firm, SHiFt: Studio for Habitat Futures (formerly Sanjay Prakash & Associates), and was a partner of DAAT and Studio Plus, firms that predate his current firm. He is a senior advisor at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS).

His name and work is mentioned in the twentieth edition of one of the main reference works in architectural history, A History of Architecture by Sir Bannister Fletcher.

Prakash, Sanjay




Studio for Habitat Futures (SHiFt) & Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)