McNally, Donald H.

Donald has 50 years’ experience in agricultural engineering for private and Government clients, in New Zealand and overseas, and in both temperate and tropical areas (Australia, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific countries and China). This work included project design and supervision of construction and commissioning of controlled environment piggeries; poultry breeding and high health hatcheries; egg and chicken production units; and greenhouses and ancillary facilities.

Project costing, market targeting, produce grading and packaging, operational management policy, environment systems design, and technology development are special areas of expertise.

More recently Donald has designed several large scale plant growth chambers for a GMO laboratory and designed totally enclosed plant production facilities (plant factory) for urban clean food production.

Over several decades Donald has monitored the development of technologies able to enhance controlled environment plant production, and has now brought these advances together in the ABEL plant factory system and the ABEL LED Photobioreactor system for industrial scale algae biomass production for converting toxic waste fossil fuel combustion flue gases (CO2 +NOx) into biofuels and other high value products.

Donald strongly supports the Ecological Sequestration Trust vision.

McNally, Donald H.


Algae bioreactors


Abel Group, NZ