Goldring, Andy

Andy Goldring is the Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association, the UK charity that helps people to learn about and use permaculture – an ethical design approach based on lessons from nature. He has a wealth of design and teaching experience and an excellent overview of permaculture in Britain and around the world.

Recent projects include the development of an England wide demonstration network, development of the world’s biggest permaculture Diploma system and co-steering of the Local Food Fund, a £57million lottery fund which supported over 500 food related projects. His team is currently preparing to host the 12th International Permaculture Conference in London in September 2015, and supporting the global network to develop a strategic plan for its next major phase of work.

Locally, Andy is a director of Leeds Love it Share it CIC – which explores new approaches to urban regeneration, and chair of Leeds Permaculture Network. Andy has also been a champion of ‘Holistic Management’ an exciting method of land management that can be used to regenerate land and combat climate change, and organised the first UK seminar on the subject with its founder Allan Savory.

Andy is currently thinking about how we might combine lessons from superorganisms (e.g. stigmergic processes that enable simple actions to emerge into complex systems), social enterprise, commons-based peer production and permaculture to rapidly re-orientate society along ethical and ecological principles.

Goldring, Andy




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