Finding a Resilient Development Path for Mongolia – Report

Published at: Finding a Resilient Development Path for Mongolia – 20th March 2014 – Workshop

Finding a Resilient Development Path for Mongolia – report of the 3-month Feasibility Study supported by the UK Government’s FCO British Embassy Mongolia

This study investigated whether The Ecological Sequestration Trust’s platform would be a feasible solution to improve transparency, and increase the evidence base for, resilient and sustainable development planning and investment decision-making in Mongolia. It concluded that developing and implementing a multi-sector stakeholder structure, which harnesses the input of the private, public and third sectors, is critical to developing targeted and effective planning and investment decision making in UB. Further, that establishing and strengthening forums where the private and third sectors have a formal role to dialogue with government, should result in better policy and development outcomes for the people of Mongolia and the preservation of their rich cultural and ecological history.

Feasibility Study Full Report EN

Feasibility Study Executive Summary MON