6 Year Global Scale-Up Plan 6 Year Global Scale-Up Plan

By 2023 4 billion urban dwellers will need essential services, while coping with threats from climate change, water/food insecurity and ecological destruction. Consensus exists in national governments to tackle these challenges and sufficient investment capital is available but not released due to lack of city region capacity and investment mechanisms. Fortunately, computer modelling at earth and regional scales and communication links can now enable policies, decisions and interactions to be based on resource flows and combined into 3D landscapes. Social, cultural, environmental and economic metrics can support an integrated planning and investment process for better impacts. We have built and demonstrated prototype open-source software for this in Africa, allowing community collaboration. Our 6 year plan proposal is to complete software tools and scale their use globally to facilitate release of $3 trillion/year of risk-informed capital into city regions, enabling 3 billion inhabitants to live safe, healthy, productive, prosperous, fulfilling lives.

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