– integrated human and ecological systems model to aid decision making is an open-source, cloud-based regional platform, which gathers satellite/earth observation, open government and crowd-sourced economic, social and environmental data together in one place, in an understandable, palatable and visual format.

Backed by an advanced systems model1, integrates human-ecological-economic systems2 and calculates the current resource flows from economic, human and ecological activity and the impact on human well-being. With this base, it can be used to visualise and predict the outcome of different scenarios which results in better planning and decision-making for a achieving transformation to a more resilient city-region.

Importantly, enables economically beneficial resource management to be funded through new direct investment into a wide variety of projects, which use and contribute to the data in the platform. It also insures against extreme risks, especially in energy, water and food security.

It will improve understanding of complex integrated city-region systems, and because governance of is collaborative, it will reduce siloed thinking and allow local users to make more robust decisions about the needs of the economy, environment and society.

1 The model turns all human, economic and ecological systems into process metrics e.g. raw materials – water, sunlight, forests, minerals or population skill set are inputs and infrastructure, agriculture, power stations or health are outputs.

2 Systems are integrated active processes with drivers and levers and not simply outputs based on comparisons between metrics. schematic

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How can build value into city regions – Animated short film

1 pager explaining the tool – pdf

1 page summaries of the specifications platform report – This 35-page easy-read report introduces the platform, a decision-support tool for planning, investment and policy-making. explained – a 1 hour webinar with Q&A explaining the economic science behind and how it will operate.

Schematic to explain the model – A diagrammatic representation of the Trust’s approach and the model.